Advisory Council

Josh Baran is a strategic communications consultant known for his work in the areas of public affairs, crisis management, entertainment and technology, and with the Gere Foundation and Tibet Center. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors of Healing the Divide.

Peter Coyote is an actor and activist based in California. He is the author of Sleeping Where I Fall, a memoir of his life during the 1960s, and he served as chairman of the California State Arts Council for three years.

Richard Gere is a well-known activist, actor and photographer. Founding chairman of Tibet House, Board Chair of the International Campaign for Tibet, and founder and chair of The Gere Foundation, he has been widely recognized for his sustained advocacy on behalf of human rights and humanitarian causes around the world.

Philip Glass is a world-famous musician and composer with dozens of recordings and film scores to his name. He was a founding director of the Buddhist quarterly Tricycle and serves as Vice President and member of the board of Tibet House US.

Peter Goldfarb is a well known film and theater producer, director and actor who has worked with Federico Fellini and others over the past thirty years. He is a member of the board of trustees of Naropa University.

Pico Iyer is the author of several critically acclaimed travel books and novels including Video Night In Kathmandu and The Lady and the Monk, and he is a contributing editor of Time magazine.

Bill Jersey is a Peabody Award and Emmy Award winning and Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker who has been making powerful films for PBS, Discovery Channel and Fox for over thirty years.

Maxine Hong Kingston is the author of the bestselling The Woman Warrior as well as several other books including the just-published Fifth Book of Peace. She teaches at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mickey Lemle is the award-winning producer/director of Compassion in Exile, Ram Dass Fierce Grace and other films. He is chairman of the board of The Tibet Fund and serves on the Board of Advisors of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and the Rubin Museum of Art.

Lisa Lu is an actress best known for her roles in The Last Emperor and The Joy Luck Club. She is also an active cultural ambassador for Asian theater and film arts, and has produced documentaries about China.

Joanna Macy is a lifelong environmental and social activist who spent several years working with the Sarvodaya people’s movement in Sri Lanka. She is the author of several books including World As Lover, World As Self.

William McKeever is currently with the Garrison Institute after several years with Asia Society in New York.

Wes Nisker is a well-known radio personality, performer, author and meditation teacher, and is co-editor of the magazine Inquiring Mind. His most recent book is Big Bang, the Buddha and the Baby Boom.

Michael O’Keefe is an actor and activist, and the producer/director of the documentary Raising the Ashes.

Kyle Secor is an activist and film and television actor with featured roles in Homicide: Life on the Street and Commander In Chief.

Huston Smith is the well-known author of the classic The World’s Religions, and he has been a distinguished professor of religion at several universities including M.I.T., Syracuse, Washington and UC Berkeley.

Robert Thurman is a former Buddhist monk with a Ph.D. from Harvard University, co-founder of Tibet House in New York, author of several books and translations, and the Jey Tsong Khapa chair in Indo-Tibetan Studies at Columbia University.

Babeth VanLoo is a documentary filmmaker and serves as programming director of BOS-TV, a Buddhist broadcast service of the Public Broadcasting System in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Alice Walker is the bestselling author of several books including The Color Purple (made into the film directed by Steven Spielberg) and she produced the documentary film Warrior Marks: Female Genital Mutilation and the Sexual Blinding of Women.

Michael Wenger is an author/editor of several books, and the curator of the Buddhist film series Real To Real presented at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum.

Rudy Wurlitzer is the author of several novels and nonfiction works, and has written several produced screenplays including Little Buddha, Two Lane Blacktop, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and Voyager.