International Buddhist Film Festival Tour

2014-2015 Season Designed for Multi City Run

Plans are being finalized for the 2014–15 season of the International Buddhist Film Festival (IBFF), which will be presented in a number of cities on both sides of the Pacific. The festivals will be scaled to each local venue and will feature ten to twenty titles plus ancillary events. Cities under consideration include Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore,   more>


    [black and white image of a smiling Gelek Rimpoche wearing an American flag tophat with framed photo of HHDL on the wall behind him]

    A film about the well-known Tibetan Buddhist teacher Gelek Rimpoche, American Rimpoche, premieres June 7 at the Rubin Museum of Art, with director Nikki Appino,   more>


    [wearing glasses and dark top, Joan Halifax's sunlit face smiles looking to camera, with deep shadows behind her]

    The 9th Annual Buddhist Film Festival Europe (BFFE) opens October 3 in Amsterdam for a three day run with the theme of "The Bardo of Transformation." Twenty-two works will be presented at the Eye Film Institute along with an exhibition of works by artist Madelon Hooykaas, "Revealing the Invisible."   more>


    [close-up of a novice monk's hands holding robes]

    Edward Burger's newest project is a an educational short film series on Buddhist life in contemporary China.  more>