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Mindfulness: Be Happy Now Available on VOD

[black text within enso on white background, Mindfulness: Be Happy Now, happiness is just a breath away]Mindfulness: Be Happy Now is a new film featuring Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong, Oliver Stone, Cesar Milan, Sharon Stone, and Deepak Chopra. It is now available on major VOD platforms Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, XBox, and Google Play.

The film presents a range of observations about the practice and benefits of mindfulness meditation. The film was produced and directed by Hollywood producer Lawrence Kasanoff, who is best known for big budget action and sci-fi films like Mortal Kombat, Beowulf, True Lies, and Terminator 2. He has studied and practiced mindfulness for over ten years and has said that the goal of the film was to share the practice of mindfulness with those who might not know where to start.

“You don’t have to sit under a tree and be a monk to do this,” Kasanoff told Huffington Post. “I think mindfulness is just doing one thing at a time, and that’s it. You can do a hundred things during the day, but just do them one at a time and be present in the moment.”

In the film, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Mindfulness is the capacity to be truly there in the here and the now in order for you to get in touch with the wonders of life, so that you can truly live your life.” He adds, “If you don’t have peace, you cannot offer peace. If you don’t have calm, you cannot offer calm. If you don’t have compassion, you cannot offer compassion. Therefore you have to walk your talk. You have to do it for you first. When you are mindful, you enjoy more. You are truly there, and you live more deeply every moment of your daily life. And that’s not hard work—that is very pleasant.”

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