BuddhaFest in Virginia June 16–19

This year’s BuddhaFest took place June 16–19, 2011 at the Spectrum Theater at Artisphere, in Arlington, Virginia. Seven films and a number of talks and meditation events were presented, and the event had over 3,000 admissions.

Films included several titles premiered at IBFF events: I Am, by Tom Shadyac, Un Buda, by Diego Rafecas, Words of My Perfect Teacher, by Khyentse Norbu, and Wheel of Time, by Werner Herzog, along with the East Coast premiere of Johanna Demetrakas’ Crazy Wisdom, the world premiere of Christina Lundberg’s For the Benefit of All Beings, and the award-winning With One Voice, by Matt Flickstein.

Talks by Lama Tsony, Rudy Bauer, Roshi Enkyo O’Hara, Tara Brach, Hugh Byrne, Ruth King and Sharon Salzberg, as well as appearances by filmmakers Christina Lundberg, Matt Flickstein and Johanna Demetrakas rounded out the program.

Buddhist Film Foundation is an advisor to BuddhaFest.