BFF Takes on Two New Films

Two new film projects have been approved for fiscal sponsorship by Buddhist Film Foundation. Through the Valley (USA) and Chasing the Face of Buddha (Canada) are currently in production.

news-sky-burialThrough the Valley is an ambitious multiplatform exploration of death rituals, practices and beliefs around the world, offering a prism with which to begin to understand what Zen Buddhists call “the Great Matter.” The director is Tad Fettig and the executive producer is Eva Anisko.

Chasing the Face of Buddha is a journey with Thai sculptor Sunti Pichetchaiyukul as he pursues his dream of creating a realistic and historically/culturally accurate portrait of [An Asian man works clay in a sculpture of a life-sized figure.]Shakyamuni Buddha. The film will be as much about the creation of an artwork as about our ideas of the historic Buddha and the meaning of his life to millions around the world. Canada-based director Lindsay Rushaleau is working with producer Rod Ruel to film this story as it unfolds over the next year.

Buddhist Film Foundation is fiscal sponsor for over a dozen films currently in production or distribution. Submitted proposals are subject to a detailed review process: all projects are qualified for content, feasibility, team experience, and realistic production and distribution resources and strategies. View a summary of current projects.