Nepal Recovery

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As news filters in about unmet needs and overlooked communities in Nepal, the organizations chosen as beneficiaries of the Benefit Nepal Film Festival (June 15, 2015) continue their vital work on the ground there.

The three organizations are: Drokpa, GMIN (Grassroots Movement in Nepal), and Karuna-Shechen. All have been active with various programs in Nepal for many years, and when the spring 2015 earthquakes devastated vast areas of the country, they were in position with manpower and resources to address emergency needs. Now that efforts are more focused on intermediate and long term aid projects, these organizations are well situated to help with recovery and rebuilding.

Drokpa is a US non-profit organization partnered with pastoral communities in the Himalaya and Central Asia, with a special focus on rural districts of Nepal including Mustang, Dolpo, Gorkha and Manang. Co-founder Sienna Craig says, “We believe that creative solutions to these adversities can come from within the knowledge systems that have kept these communities vibrant for centuries.” She adds, “Right now we are focused on providing durable temporary housing and rebuilding efforts in the village of Ghiling, Mustang District, which was the place hardest hit by the earthquake in Mustang. Additional needs in Mustang include schools as well as cultural and religious institutions that were damaged.”

GMIN (Grassroot Movement in Nepal), is a US non-profit focused on bringing sustainable social and environmental change in Nepal. “We use local knowledge and collective intelligence to address the pressing issues of Nepalese society,” says US coordinator Sonam Ukyab. “We have started our Phase 2 of building semi permanent shelters in dozens of rural villages.”

Karuna-Shechen was founded by world-renown monk/photographer/author/activist Matthieu Ricard who resides in Nepal, with a field team of dedicated professionals who work within local communities to identify and implement projects guided by the communities’ specific needs and objectives. “Our mission is to provide quality healthcare, education, and social services to individuals and families in the poorest communities. We place special emphasis on the empowerment of women and young girls and the preservation of cultural heritage.” He adds, “We have also implemented a special program for pregnant women and new mothers. After the end of the monsoon in September, we will start the next stage of help: rehabilitation and reconstruction phase.”

We are monitoring the efforts of these organizations as well as those of some of the co-presenters and supporters of Benefit Nepal Film Festival including Seva Foundation, Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International, Sahayeta, and dZi Foundation.

While we are no longer able to accept donations on behalf of the beneficiaries, we encourage you to please consider donating to them directly online. All of these groups are doing essential work and deserve support; the recovery and rebuilding needs in Nepal will require years of attention and funding.

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Norwich, VT 05055-9652

GMIN (Grassroots Movement in Nepal)
379 Hart Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206-7020

237 West 35 Street, Suite 1101
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Please follow/like/share the Benefit Nepal Film Festival Facebook page with continuing updates from Nepal.