Enlightenment Guaranteed

Enlightenment Guaranteed DVD

The acclaimed Zen comedy by Award-winning Director Doris Dörrie


“A brilliant comedy about self discovery.” –Washington Post
“Snappy, well-scripted comedy.” –Variety
“A warm, closely observed satire of lived life, and it is a charmer.” –SF Chronicle


  • Official Selection Berlin International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Washington DC International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Official Selection Dublin Film Festival
  • Official Selection Buenos Aires Film Festival
  • Official Selection German Film Festival-Rome
  • Official Selection Warsaw Film Festival


Brothers Uwe and Gustav are comfortable middle class family men in modern Munich. An unexpected divorce and a long planned retreat suddenly collide, and they’re on their own, lost in Tokyo. Finally arriving at a Zen monastery, can they find their way?


Doris Dörrie is a celebrated German author, film director and opera director best known for her break-through 1985 film, Men… (Männer…). She is a long term student of Zen Buddhism, and her most recent film, Cherry Blossoms, like Enlightenment Guaranteed, was filmed on location in Germany and Japan, and touches on impermanence, reality and compassion.

A Megaherz Film Production
Directed by Doris Dörrie
Produced by Franz X. Gernstl
Starring Uwe Ochsenknecht and Gustav-Peter Wöhler
Filmed on location at Sojiji Monastery, Monzen, Japan



105 min / Color / German (English subtitles) / Stereo / NTSC / Region 1
SRP $29.95